Collecting Cleveland Indians Since 1982

Collecting Cleveland Indians Topps team sets from 1952-present, as well as post-war minor and major league autographs.

New Arrival: Jack Cust, dh, Oakland Athletics

There is one stat that I have always loved, and I put way too much stock into: on-base percentage. Even now, with all the advanced stats we have, its the first thing that I look. For me, it started when I was in high school and trying to build line-ups[…]

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New Arrival: Derek Norris, c, Tampa Bay Rays

The 2014 Oakland Athletics were pretty amazing…at least in the first half. They had a great pitching staff and a buzz-saw of an offense. The catching was handled by Derek Norris and John Jaso, with Norris getting a majority of the starts. Unfortunately, Derek Norris, like the rest of the[…]

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New Arrival: Gene Tenace, c/1b, Oakland Athletics

Another signed FDC. I was looking for a nice index card, but this is just so much nicer. I am not sure why the autographs pop so nice, but they do. Gene Tenace was another player who played an instrumental part of the Oakland Athletics dynasty of the 1970’s Tenace[…]

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New Arrival: Joe Rudi, of, Oakland Athletics

I really like these the look of signed FDC. Especially if they were signed with a bold blue ballpoint pen. The autographs really pop. Joe Rudi was an instrumental part of the Oakland Athletics dynasty of the 1970’s. He was the teams starting LF during all three of the A’s[…]

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