Collecting Cleveland Indians Since 1982

Collecting Cleveland Indians Topps team sets from 1952-present, as well as post-war minor and major league autographs.

New Arrival: Mickey Mantle, of, New York Yankees

This is my one Mickey Mantle autograph. I really wanted a nice index card…but so does everyone else. And nice ones–in blue ballpoint pen–are just way too expensive for me. So I decided to just go this route. Mantle was involved in writing a couple books, and so you can[…]

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New Arrival: Ted Williams, of, Boston Red Sox

This is a page from Ted William’s book “My Turn at Bat”. It’s about as nice a Ted Williams signature you will find; bold blue ballpoint and no real significant smearing. I just love it. I had been wanting to buy this autograph forever, but the seller would not budge[…]

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