Collecting Cleveland Indians Since 1982

Collecting Cleveland Indians Topps team sets from 1952-present, as well as post-war minor and major league autographs.

My 2017 Topps Cleveland Indians Team Set

Look what showed up in the mail yesterday…how exciting:

My 2017 Cleveland Indians Base Set (Series #1, #2 and Update)

In case you did not know: I am in the middle of trying to put together every Topps Cleveland Indians base set from 1952-present. It’s a little easier since the Indians were…kind of stinkers…for most of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s….so they sets are generally not all that expensive.

My thoughts on the set:

  • I didn’t like the 2016 design at first, but it grew on me. Now I really kind of like it. This set? Didn’t really care for the design when it came out, and it still really does not do it for me.
  • I might not like the layout, but the photography is pretty fantastic. I really like the Chisenhall and Perez cards.
  • I really don’t understand my Raji Davis is in the set. He was a free agent at the end of the season, and it was clear he was a one-year rental. Same with Coco Crisp.
  • Bummer that a couple important pitchers did not make the cut: Otero, McCallister, Tyle Olson and Bryan Shaw to name a few.