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New Arrival: 2014 Panini National Treasure Jose Ramirez

2014 Panini National Treasure
2014 Panini National Treasure

Couple weeks ago Jose Ramirez had a public signing.

It was going to cost $45. They also wanted all packages sent to the signing via FedEx. So that is another $10. Plus a SASE. Add in another $6. That’s $61.

Jose also has a…rough…signature. So who knows what kind of autograph you are going to get.

And on top of that, chances are I would have tried to get him on a 3×5 signature card. They look great signed…but are worth nothing if I decide on need to sell it later on.

So I took my chances on bidding on this card. It ended up costing me around $30 bucks. It was still a bit of a dice roll. The picture on Ebay showed a card with a really light autograph, but I suspected that was caused by scanning the card with the case on.

Arrived today. Autograph is really nice. So I am calling this a win.