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Collecting Cleveland Indians Since 1982

Collecting Cleveland Indians Topps team sets from 1952-present, as well as post-war minor and major league autographs.

The Card Collection


I am mostly and autograph collector now, but as a kid I was really into cards. Especially in the late 90’s. But like most kids I had limited funds, so most of my time collecting was spent foraging through quarter boxes at the local card shop and looking at the Beckett “Hot Lists” hoping that had lucked into getting one of the listed cards.

By the time I got the fund to collect proper I was in the military and, with a stadium near my home, transitioned to autographs more than collecting. What few good cards I had were sold off, and I was out of the hobby. But…as I have gotten older…and autograph collecting less fun…I think back nostalgically to searching through those quarter boxes, opening up packs of 1997 Topps and daydreaming with Hot Lists.

This page is dedicated to the collection that I have left, with some additions that the 15-year-old me would never have thought possible.